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Youn Ja Johnson - Mandala Beadwork

Prayer for Easter

Spring Blessing

Tribute to the Holy Master

A Prayer to the Goddess of Compassion

"The Mandala as an Art Form"

The meaning of MANDALA is complex to most of us. It is a Sacred Circle used for concentrating Cosmic and Psychic energy in Prayers and Meditations which is highly private. Since I became very much aware of multi-cultural spiritual activities, I was naturally drawn to the world of Mandalas.

In 1997 I have built a wall in the garden to hang all my creation of Mandalas. It is facing East (24 ft wide, 12 ft high) and became a part of the Magical Circle.

I hope that my works reflect the beauty and the goodness of Universe for ourselves and for all others, so that we can radiate our goodness for a better and harmonious world.