The Mandala as an Art Form

The meaning of MANDALA is complex to most of us. It is a Sacred Circle used for concentrating Cosmic and Psychic energy in Prayers and Meditations which is highly private. Since I became very much aware of multi-cultural spiritual activities, I was naturally drawn to the world of Mandalas.

In 1997 I have built a wall in the garden to hang all my creation of Mandalas. It is facing East (24 ft wide, 12 ft high) and became a part of the Magical Circle.

I hope that my works reflect the beauty and the goodness of Universe for ourselves and for all others, so that we can radiate our goodness for a better and harmonious world.

Youn Ja Johnson-Blanchard Artwork

The Sun Dance at Anawaka

After the second day I could only lay helplessly from the Exhaustion and the Heat.

When, finally I went into a deep sleep I woke up from a powerful dream that I went out praying and dancing with the night sky which was so beautiful so mysterious and Eternal. Bless us All!

June 2007

The Sun Dance at Picuris

Our Prayers in this Heavenly place nourish our heart and soul with the healing Rain

July 2007

The Sun Dance at the Wolf Sanctuary

In the Sun Dance Lodge I could only feel the Stars and the Lightening from the Horizon with the sound of Wolves


If I could ride the Milky Way... spread Peace and Love to the whole Universe.

July 2007

Inner Sun Dance

Peaceful, Soft and gentle Tranquil, cool and beautiful Empty and Full nothing and everything Enlightened!

August 2007