Youn Ja Johnson-Blanchard Sculpture


Tribute To Mother Earth

My grandmother was a farmer who worked not only with the EARTH, but with many things which EARTH provides for our use. She was the weaver of our clothing, and she created many other wonderful objects. She revealed to us the meaning of life, and taught us how to live. Most of all, she nourished and healed our minds and our bodies, our hearts and out souls.

Toward the end of 1990 certain signs appeared to me in a dream which indicated that her days upon this earth were drawing swiftly to an end. She passed away on January 12th, 1991. In many cultures it is customary to hold an important ceremony one year following the death of a loved one. I helped my mother return to Korea to participate in that ceremony. I decided to build a very special shrine to honor all grandmothers, and especially our Mother Earth who nourishes us always even though we may mistreat or ignore her.

I dedicated the shrine on January 12th, 1992, the anniversary of my own grandmothers death, in honor of Mother Earth, in the hope that we humans, together with all the other creatures of the marvelous Nature which surrounds us, who with us are all children of the Creator, may flourish in universal harmony and joy.

A Prayer for Universe

This is the way I pray to the FOUR Directions and the HEAVEN through me to the EARTH, every chance I could, so that the goodness and beauty of Universe last forever.

The Seven Prayer Shields

This summer I rushed to the Sun Dances in South Dakota, Colorado and Idaho. Through the remarkable experiences and the wonders of the nature. My heart urges to create these "Seven Prayer Shields" to protect and pray for all of us and the universe.

The Temple of Universe

Five years ago, my son went into coma for eight days. From that traumatizing experience I have had ulcer, lost central vision and passed the kidney stone. I have a new life now, certainly, I couldn't be independent anymore. Fortunately my husband Bob is very eager to help me in many ways that we were able to work together and create this, truly satisfying phenomena. It was like a rebirth of my son and myself.

We pray to the East
We pray to the South
We pray to the West
We pray to the North
We pray to the Heaven and Earth

These crosses represent innocent people who lost their lives since 9-11 to present day. Red Earth is from Jemez Pueblo symbolizing the Sacred Energy of EARTH.